Wined, Dined, Credit Card Declined

I met Josh on JDate and after exchanging pleasantries he invited me out for an evening.  I usually  like to keep first dates to drinks only  because I am not 100% sure that I will be able to stomach listening to the person for an entire meal, BUT, he insisted. He wanted to try a new restaurant that recently opened in the village and I graciously obliged.

As I was about to leave for the date I checked out the place on Yelp to figure out where it was located and what I should be wearing. I noticed the $$$$. Woah. OK big spender. It is certainly rolling the dice to drop that kind of coin on a meal for someone that could be a total crazy bitch for all you know. But whatever. I’m worth it…Right???

We sat down and he immediately asked the waiter a $120 bottle of Pinot Noir. Without even asking me if I had any preferences, he ordered Kobe beef carpaccio, tuna tar tar and an endive salad. This was followed by entrees, and even though I insisted on being absolutely stuffed,  he demanded the chocolate lava cake for desert.

As for the conversation, he was kind of a dick. All he spoke about was himself, how successful he was and how much cash he pulled in. Total. Douche.

Things took a turn for the worst when the bill came. The waitress came over and politely said, ‘I am sorry sir, this card was declined. Do you have another?’ With the way he was speaking, you would think he had a black card, but he conveniently left the rest of his cards at home that day.

Josh looked at me, laughed and said ‘Oh, well that’s embarrassing! Guess I will just have to get the next one then!’ How presumptuous.

I threw down my Visa and after parting with my hard earned $340 for an average dinner with shitty company, he had the nerve to ask when I will be free to go out again. To which I replied-

‘Whenever you’re ready to write me a check for the dinner I just bought you.’

I never heard from Josh again.

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