I met Travis  on a balmy fall afternoon while admiring the foliage encroaching upon an Indian summer in NYC. I was strolling through Central Park on my lunch break and couldn’t help but coddle his six week-old black lab puppy.

After a bit of small talk we exchanged cards and began dating soon after. We had gone on a few low-key dates and my intuition made me feel as if Travis wasn’t necessarily looking to get serious, but being that I just turned 24 and relocated to this exhilarating city that is New York, I was perfectly content to keep my options open as well.

On our third or fourth date Travis requested that I attend a wedding with him in Long Island the following Saturday. He mentioned he had a plus one but he and his ex-girlfriend broke up six months prior and he would be delighted to have me accompany him for the festivities. Far be it from me to turn down an invitation to an open bar, I graciously accepted his invitation.

The wedding took place about an hour outside of Manhattan at a ritzy hotel and Travis told me he had secured a room so we wouldn’t have to be bothered with getting anywhere after consuming what was expected to be a bountiful amount of alcohol.

The wedding was a blast as we danced, ate and drank to our hearts content at a beautifully opulent inn in East Hampton. The fun continued at the after party when Travis began ordering drinks on the room until the wee hours of the evening while I decided I’d reached my threshold early and retreated to our room to leave him to carry on with his college buddies.

We awoke the following morning and and enjoyed a room service platter of blueberry pancakes and a western omelette with hash browns and freshly squeezed orange juice. When I saw the bill for the lovely spread that Travis took the liberty of ordering I noticed it was $96.50. This was particularly astonishing because Travis did strike me as a bit of a penny pincher.

We collected our things to hightail it to the 11 o’clock train and rushed to the front desk to check out. The total came to $787.75 including tax, Travis’ drinks the previous evening and our extravagant breakfast.

Travis turned to me apprehensively and said, “Sorry, do you mind putting this on your credit card and I can Venmo you for half later? Not really sure what the balance on my card is and I have just enough for rent and utilities on my debit right now. I didn’t realize I ordered so many drinks last night and how expensive they were.”

“Umm….I can put it on my card but why would you only Venmo me for half?” I ask perplexingly.

“Well, you stayed here as well didn’t you?” He said.

“Yes Travis I did, but you invited me as your date. Had I known a night in the Hamptons was going to cost me $400 I never would have agreed to come. Also, you were the one who decided to order breakfast while I was sleeping and I had one drink at the after party while it seems you had nine.”

“Ok, Well just pay for it and I will Venmo you for all of it minus half of the hotel. Your half would have been about $264.”

“Travis, once again, I was YOUR date. If the tables were turned I would have paid for the hotel room for YOU to come to a wedding of MY friend.”

After haggling with me for another few minutes of desperately trying to salvage some of the funds he has squandered the previous evening, I decided to grab my own Uber and head to the train.

I am not sure if he was able to cover the room on his card or if he had to wash dishes, but either way, I really don’t care.

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