Watch Out

Reid was the first and undoubtedly the last person I met on Happn.

He was a rather statuesque insurance underwriter who was exquisitely dressed to perfection. Reid also worked in the building directly adjacent to my office so we decided to meet for an afterwork cocktail on a Tuesday evening.

After settling into a hightop in the corner of a intimate whiskey bar we began sipping on some single malts on the rocks and exchanging the basic albeit necessary details of our lives that one usually divulges during an initial meeting.

Reid then glanced down at the timepiece I was wearing on my wrist.

“Nice watch. What kind is that?” He asked.

“It’s a Citizen. My dad gave it to me for Christmas right before he passed 15 years ago.”

I stared down adoringly at the beautiful piece of jewelry that held such sentimental value to me and admired the way it sparkled in the dimly lit setting.

“Oh that’s nice. My cheap watch is a Citizen. I haven’t worn it since I upgraded to my Audemars,” he replied pompously.

Slightly offended but choosing to ignore his rather ignorant comment I said, “I don’t know what that is. I have always just worn this one. I am not big into watches otherwise.”

“That is pretty apparent! You need to get yourself an upgrade as well, missy!”

Exasperated by his blatant insensitivity I decided to wrap up this poor excuse for a rendezvous and allow him to pay the tab.

“So do you want to split this?” He asked.

“I would think a few drinks would be no big deal for someone who can afford such a fancy watch, no?” I countered cheekily.

Apprehensively, he surrendered his debit card into the billfold and I bid him adieu.

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