The Slider Stealer

I gave Marc, a ‘concierge consultant,’ the right swipe on Tinder and after exchanging information he invited me for a cocktail and a bite to eat around happy hour one evening. I accepted his invite and was looking forward to scoping out this new prospect.

Marc suggested a bar on 42nd street, essentially in the middle of Times Square. I thought this was particularly peculiar because anyone who lives in New York City desperately abstains from going near this area at all costs. Being the assertive New Yorker that I am, I mentioned that maybe we could elect to go somewhere not so touristy.

“Well I have this event to go to for the concierge’s industry. I figured we could just swing by there as I should really make an appearance then we can go somewhere else.”

I did think it was somewhat strange that he would want me to accompany him at an industry event, but for the sake of not being difficult, to Times Square I went.

When I arrived at the event for the hotel concierge’s ‘union’ of NYC, it was very crowded but had an open bar so I wasn’t complaining. Marc worked at a high end hotel in the city and mentioned he also owned his own ‘consulting’ firm. I barely got a word in about myself between him mingling with colleagues and speaking about his own successful ventures in the concierge industry.

At this point I noticed a waitress with a tray of meatball sliders circulating the room, and before I could make it through the crowd they had all been devoured. I mentioned to Marc that I was feeling pretty ravenous and how I wanted to keep an eye out for the next waitress that came around. Several times I saw a tray being passed but was never quite quick enough to snatch myself a  scrumptious meatball.

“Ugh!” I said to Marc. “I am dying to get one of those sliders! I am so hungry.”

At that moment an acquaintance of Marc’s approached us to greet him and he had two delectable, untouched sliders on his cocktail napkin.

“Oh man, you were lucky you were quick enough to grab one,” Marc said. “We have been trying but no luck!”

Marc’s friend then obligingly picked up one of the sliders and handed  it to Marc. I began to salivate with excitement over the delicious meatball slider I was about to ravage.

Marc took the slider…

and shoved the entire thing straight into his mouth.

Wow. What a gentleman.

After an hour and a half went by and another 2 glasses of wine I was getting pretty bored pretending to be interested in all the conversations being had around me and my hangry-ness (hungry + angry) began to set in. I told Marc if he wanted to stay at the event he could do so but I was going to head somewhere to get a bite to eat.

“No wait!! Just 10 more minutes and we can go get something to eat I promise!”

After we exited the hotel Marc suggested a place right around the corner. We entered the lounge area of the establishment I noticed all the waiters saying hello to him. It turned out to be the place where Marc worked.

We sat at the bar and again, I barely spoke because Marc was too busy speaking to his coworkers. We ordered some appetizers and the distractions were welcome because I was so busy stuffing my face with coconut shrimp and parmesan truffle fries.

After we finished I offered to split the check considering I knew I would never see Marc again and didn’t want to be under any sort of obligation. Marc refused and excused himself to go check on something.

He returned 15 minutes later.

“Hey so, do you actually mind splitting the check after all? I thought the manager that I am pretty tight with would be here and he would have comped my entire check but he’s not and I only get a 50% discount.”

I relinquished my Visa into the billfold and anxiously awaited the return of our server.

As we signed our checks Marc said, “Well, I thought I was going to get through the night without spending any money at all but I guess $25 isn’t so bad, right?”

Marc texted me a day later telling me that he was looking forward to doing it again.

Good luck, Marc.


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