The FroYo NoGo

After getting to know Dan for a few months, it appeared to be progressing well enough for me to be introduced to his parents who were flying in from his home town across the pond to visit for a week one summer.

Ever so eager to be a good host, Dan consulted my assistance to come up with an enjoyable itinerary for his mother and father who had contrasting ideas of what was considered entertainment.

I am fortunate enough to live in a lovely apartment building with a  roof deck that boasts cabanas and grills for barbecuing, sand volleyball/tennis courts and of course, fantastic views of the Empire State building. It is quite the hopping place to be amongst my fellow residents on a warm summer evening so Dan requested that we dine on my roof for our inaugural meeting.

Bring on the parents!

Wanting to make an exquisite first impression, I went to the store to purchase the most finely marbled cuts of beef tenderloin, skewers of fresh prawns and a motley crew of vegetables for a  delectably kaleidoscopic salad. For dessert, I prepared caramelized grilled peaches topped with french vanilla ice cream drizzled with caramel.

And booze. Booze goes without saying…duh.

Needless to say, I put forth quite the effort (and cash) to ensure the evening was an absolute success.

And it was. The food was fabulous (if I do say so myself), and the whole night went of without a hitch.

The day after Dan’s parents left we decided indulge ourselves in some delicious tacos at a local Mexican establishment that we frequented. As usual, we split the bill at the end of the meal, though I was honestly quite surprised given the production I had put on to entertain his company the evening prior.

When we left the restaurant Dan suggested we satiate our palates with some FroYo. This is where you have an over abundant amount of flavors of frozen yogurt as well as toppings to choose from and you put together your own. We decided to split a medium cup to reduce our already high caloric intake for the day.

After we put the finishing touches on our frosted confectious creation of birthday cake and salted caramel ice cream topped with Oreos and gummy bears (don’t judge me), we approached the counter to weigh it on the scale and submit our payment.

It was at this time that Dan picked up the cup of FroYo, took a big bite, and walked towards the exit.

Stunned, I was left to pay for the ice cream that HE suggested we get.

And for the cherry on top (no pun intended), he didn’t even have decency to open the door for me on he way out OR say thank you for treating him.

Hey Dan, way to be a gentleman. Hopefully this is you. Forever.



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