The Basic Bigot

I met Greg on Hinge. Greg was a self-proclaimed corn-fed midwestern gentleman from Iowa who was recently transplanted from the Hawkeye state to the big city for a job in mechanical engineering after completing his master’s degree.

A well-educated, and upstanding male that has yet to be tainted by the douchebaggery that is dating in New York City? Sign me up.

Greg and I met for some craft beers at a quaint little pub on the Lower East Side that was boasted for its exquisite in-house amber lager.

Greg was waiting for me outside said establishment and we settled into some seats at the corner of the bar to get acquainted.

During our conversation I couldn’t help but notice his attention perpetually wondering to whatever was going on behind my back.

When I turned around to  clue him in that his odd behavior was not going unnoticed he said, “sorry, I am paying attention to you, but look at those guys behind you when you get a second. Don’t make it obvious.”

Once again I turned around to glance at the scene behind me, and I was surprised to see two completely ordinary looking men immersed in conversation while enjoying a bucket of beers.

I was quite perplexed as to what was so intriguing with this perfectly normal situation.

“What? Those guys? What about them?”

“Well, I think they’re together. Like you know…I think they’re gay,” he said nervously.

“OK? So they are gay. I am not sure what you are getting at. Welcome to New York. There are a lot of gay people.”

“I just firmly believe that marriage is between a man and a women and it is kind of uncomfortable seeing displays of affection likes this. I am not used to it and I find it somewhat offensive. They are like, rubbing each other’s hands and stuff in public.”

“Maybe you should go back to Iowa then. I don’t believe you are going to make it in this city with a close-minded attitude like that. If you do stay, I wouldn’t share those beliefs with many people as you probably won’t make many friends.”

I mentally checked myself out from whatever words were coming out of his bigoted  mouth and threw some cash on the bar for my lager.

The next morning…


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