The Ass of Ex-Girlfriend’s Past

My date with Chase was a result of a singles boat cruise I attended hosted by The League.

Despite advertisements alleging  the cruise was jam-packed with educated and eligible singles much like myself, the pickins’ were quite slim in reality.

Chase, a college biology professor in his mid-thirties was quite statuesque, and wore horn-rimmed spectacles behind which lurked penetratingly blue eyes.

An avid Yankees fan, Chase proposed we catch a ball game on a Sunday afternoon possibly followed by some drinks if we felt so obliged.

Despite the ominous rainclouds that were vastly approaching the stadium followed by a brief torrential downpour, we took shelter and enjoyed some Bug Lights, cheese nachos and a couple of bratwursts while we waited for the rainstorm to pass and the game to commence.

By the 5th inning the clouds parted and the sun made an appearance at last.

Chase dried off our seats with his windbreaker and we enjoyed watching the Yankees’ victory over the Blue Jays while polishing off a few more Bud Lights before the 7th inning.

We decided to avoid the mass exodus from the stadium and make our departure at the top of the 9th.

Chase suggested we grab another drink at Billy’s, a popular establishment in the Bronx conveniently located directly adjacent to Yankees Stadium and frequented by a great deal of fans post game.

We entered the building and I spotted a perfect place at the bar with easy access to a bartender in the crowded room.

Chase gazed over the terrain of the bar as if he was looking for something or someone in particular. “No no. Let’s maybe try upstairs,” he suggested.

We ascended up the staircase where there was clearly plenty of vacancy to settle in and continue our chat.

“Ehh….let’s try the one on the other side. It may be less noisy over there,” he suggested.

I followed his lead to the bar across the way as he yet again seemed to assess the situation and finally chose a spot at the bar.

Suddenly Chase became considerably more flirtatious.

As he began laughing increasingly louder and  noticeably more affectionate I blamed it on the excessive amount of alcohol we had consumed over the last six hours.

When it got to the point where his advances became slightly obnoxious, I made my way to the ladies room to relieve myself and check my cell phone to see what my friends had planned for the evening as Chase was clearly too intoxicated to continue on, unlike myself who felt like I was just getting started.

Another young woman who just so happened to be the bartender entered the bathroom behind me.

“Hey, sorry this is weird, but you’re Chases date?” The stranger asked me.

“Yes, I suppose I am,” I asked, befuddled as to what exactly she was getting at.

“So, he’s a fucking dick. I am his ex-girlfriend. We broke up last week and I am sure you’re a great person but he’s definitely brought you here to make me jealous. He’s been purposely trying to take pictures with mutual friends on Instagram and and tag them so I see him with other girls. I didn’t think he would go so far as to bring someone to where I work, but it’s a shit move and I think you deserve to know.”

I thanked her for the intel and didn’t bother to say goodbye.

Oh, and the next day…

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