Stand Down, Soldier

After getting somewhat acquainted with Andy via, we decided it would be slightly more conducive to our busy schedules to meet for a lunch date on a Wednesday afternoon.

Andy was a recently single ex-military officer with a crisply pressed Oxford collar protruding from underneath his baby blue argyle pullover. Though he had quite handsomely chiseled features, I found myself wishing he had retired the quintessential ‘high and tight’ hairstyle when he retired from the marine corps.

Now working in finance (much like myself), we had plenty of things in common to chat about on our lunch date while dining on our lobster bisque and chicken Caesar salads.

When one thirty rolled around I decided it was about to time return to my office to prepare notes for my three o’clock meeting with an important client and my boss.

We exited the eatery, but Andy clearly had another plan in mind.

“So you have to go back already? You said your meeting was at three, no?”

“Yes, but I should get back as I have some loose ends to tie up before,” I said confused as to what else there would be to do to occupy our time in the middle of a work day.

“I live 5 blocks from here actually. We could run up to my place for a bit,” he muttered suggestively.

I couldn’t help guffaw in amusement.

“Honey, if you honestly think I am going to go back to your apartment and bang you on my lunch break, you are sadly mistaken.”

“Ehh. Figured it was worth a shot at least,” He winked at me gregariously. “Your loss.”

Sure, Andy. My loss.

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