5 Pics That Will Guarantee A Left Swipe

Whether you are swiping to find  your soul mate, a summer fling or just a warm body for an evening, there are a plethora of photos to entertain us in this ever riveting quest that we call online dating.

In this post we will begin to scratch the surface of the photos that will inevitably cause 99.9% of women to swipe left.

Pay attention boys. If you or your friends display any of these examples, you might want to make some changes. Fast.

  1. Pictures hanging all over some girl(s)

Case in point, the picture below. This guy is apparently looking to meet someone considering the fact that he IS on a dating site yet he is depicted looking somewhat intimate with someone else. Girls have no choice but to automatically assume that you are A, already taken but looking for a side piece, or B, single but trivial enough to think that we would want to date a guy that is constantly trying to bump uglies with other women and have no shame in showing it off.

Left swipe.

IMG_5755 copy

2. Homoerotic Bro Pics

Not much really needs to be said about this. Nothing is as unsexy as a bunch of half naked dudes looking like they are enjoying each others company a bit too much.  IMG_5781-2 copy


IMG_5812-3 copy

3. Douchy pics in front of fancy cars or private jets

As a rule of thumb, the more you brag about how much money you make, the smaller we are going to assume your penis is. Pics in front of  fancy cars or private jet just make you look like a total D bag. Success is certainly an attractive attribute in a partner but arrogance is not.

IMG_5786-2 copy

IMG_5839 copy

4. Gym/shirtless selfies

I…I just can’t. The fact there are people in this world that think this will get our panties wet is really disturbing.


IMG_5795 copy

IMG_5841 copy

5. Car selfies

This generation as a whole has been plagued by the phenomenon that is the selfie. Girls are equally as guilty of this blatant display of shameless narcissism. Let’s join together and stop the madness.

IMG_5838 copyIMG_5788-2 copy

Happy swiping!


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