Movie, Move On

After living in the exciting metropolis that is Manhattan for 6 years, the fly-by-night spending habits of my early 20s  began to catch up with me, causing my credit cards to end up in my freezer and me to end up back at my parent’s house in Morristown, New Jersey.

I was single, broke, and pushing 30. This was a new low for me.

One Friday after work, I made the hour and 20 minute commute on the NJ Transit. I was dreading yet another evening watching reruns of the bachelor with my 17 year-old sister while all of my friends were most likely sipping gin and tonics and just enjoying being somewhat financially stable city-dwellers.

My mother walked into my room and informed me that her coworker has a son around my age and they wanted to set us up for a date that weekend in particular. After the obligatory Facebook stalk, I decided to take a date with Matt.

The next day, Matt called me and after bullshitting about the weather, he invited me to go to a movie. Traditionally I don’t see going to the movies as a reasonable first date option since you essentially sit there in silence and don’t really get to know each other, but to avoid sounding problematic, I agreed to see a film.

I must preface that 99.9% of people who live in New York City do not own a car. Since Matt was coming in for the weekend to dog sit for his mother, he said he would not have access to a vehicle, since his mother was obviously out of town. No big!

The next day I pulled up to Matt’s mom’s house and he jumped in the car. We seemed to have good conversation on the way to the cinema so I was hoping that he would be up for a drink or something after the show.

As we approach the counter, he asked me if I would mind getting the movie tickets, and he would get dinner.

OH. I didn’t realize we were having dinner, but ummm…ok.

I grabbed the tickets and he says he is going to run to the men’s room. As he walked off he says, “Jump in line and grab us a popcorn and a Sprite. I will be right out!.”

There were a few people in line ahead of me, so I figured he would be  back before it was time to pay for the snacks he so eagerly craved.

Not so much.

He pranced out of the bathroom without a care in the world and we settled into our seats with the overpriced popcorn and soda I so graciously purchased for him.

After the movie, he casually mentions that he is really tired and doesn’t think he is going to make it to dinner. No surprise there. As we approached the exit, Matt notices that it is drizzling outside.

“Oh shit! It’s raining out and this jacket is suede. Do you mind swinging the car around and picking me up?”

Wow. Sure, Matt. All over it, my princess.

I got in the car, and I headed straight home. Without Matt.



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