Meet, Greet, Cold Feet

Thanks to the reader who submitted! We are sorry you had to deal with this asshole and hope he dies alone.

I matched with Jared on Bumble and after chatting for a bit we decided to meet. I should have known he was a total dick when he chose a restaurant oh so conveniently located right next to his apartment, but I digress.

I must add that this date in particular took place in December of 2015 when it was a balmy 70 degrees in New York City.

We got to the bar and I could immediately sense that there was no chemistry. No big deal. It happens. It’s just a drink, and I don’t have to marry the guy.

Before we even sit down he said, “Hey, I’m going to run back to my place and grab my coat; I’m really cold.”

I sensed his hesitation about continuing the date and replied, “Listen, if you aren’t feeling this, that is fine. You can just be honest.” I wish he would have been, because I was equally disinterested in wasting my time bullshitting about the weather with someone I had no intension of sleeping with.

“NO NO NO! I am just freezing! Wait here and I will be right back.”

As I wait and sip on my Moscow mule, I watch the minutes go by. Considering he lives in the adjacent building, after 10 minutes pass, I realize I have been ditched.

I finish my drink and as I am leaving the bar I receive this:

IMG_5808 copy

Thanks, Jared. Way to grow a pair.

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