F*ckboy Fetish

After taking a much needed spiritual hiatus from the chaos that is the online dating scene I decided I’d better throw my hat back in the ring and attempt to meet someone before the impending wedding season began. I was hopeful that this was finally the year I would take advantage of my ‘plus one’ option.

Soon after I matched with Patrick on eHarmony.

Patrick was a svelte gentleman with dirty-blond hair and slightly on the metro sexual side. His jeans were somewhat tighter than my liking but I figured I could overlook something as minuscule as the size of one’s pants.

Patrick invited me out on an unseasonably warm Saturday afternoon in February on a patio for some margaritas and some guac whilst soaking up the inevitably short-lived sunshine.

“So what do you usually look for in a guy?” Patrick inquired.

Though I cannot recall verbatim what my answer was, I most likely said something along the lines of loyal, funny, family oriented, and other cliche yet pertinent characteristics that one would normally seek in a potential mate.

“What are you looking for in a girl?”

“I love Asian girls. Thats kind of my thing. Always has been.”

Being a Korean-American myself I can certainly appreciate someone who finds themselves attracted to the beauty and exoticness that is the Asian ethnicity, but when someone blatantly admits they only want an Asian girl it does give the impression that they are solely looking to sleep with an Asian girl, not to get to know them personally.

“…So…you are just looking for a girl who is Asian, regardless of how stupid, boring or incompatible she may be?”

“I have a bad case of yellow fever, what can I say?” He said with a shrug.

“You realize how disrespectful that is, right? Yes, I get some guys are into Asians but you are kind of making it like you met with me in hopes of fulfilling some kind of fetish. Not a good look.”

After offering up some pathetic excuse for an apology I quickly finished the remnants of my subpar margarita and excused myself as I suddenly had ‘other plans’.

Clearly, Patrick had not learned his lesson the following afternoon.


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