Family Feud

I met Alex on PlentyOfFish and really couldn’t complain about my selection. He checked all my boxes. He was a gentleman, had a good job, no kids and just seemed to all around to have his shit together. Naturally, I was elated to meet him for dinner the following Thursday.

For our second date, another lovely evening commenced as we discussed our friends, work and places we have traveled to over a cheese and charcuterie plate accompanied by some craft cocktails.

As we ended the date with a kiss in front of the 2 train, he asked me if I would be interested in going to the cinema that Saturday. I had to reluctantly decline because my mother just so happened to be coming into the city from Texas for a girl’s shopping weekend.

On a side note, my Southern Baptist family who are all born and raised in the Lone Star State are extremely conservative, needless to say. So unless I am serious about a guy being my potential husband, there is really no sense in introducing someone to my mother, let alone a guy I have spent less than 6 hours total with.

Awesome. I would love to meet your mom”

“Oh, well, I would love for you to meet her, but it’s just going to be a girls weekend. It will be quick though. We can get together Monday night if you’d like.”


“So, you don’t want me to meet your mom then?”

“Honestly, it’s a bit soon for you to meet my mom. I think this weekend is just going to be her and I this weekend.”

“Fair enough. Enjoy the rest of your evening.”

The minute I stepped off the subway I receive this sweet message from him:





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