Cash Me Out, Hide

I met Simon at a conference in the tech startup industry. Simon exuded a distinguished air of confidence in his fitted jeans and crisp collared button up that was pressed to perfection.  I was instantly attracted to him.

After exchanging business cards and a few emails he invited me out for dinner and drinks one evening in the East Village.

Since the tapas bar he selected for dinner did not take reservations and had a wait of 1 hour and 15 minutes, we decided to start the night off with a few cocktails at a watering hole across the street.

When we received a text that our table was ready Simon attempted to settle up the tab with his Visa card.

“Cash only,” the bartender exclaimed while pointing to the inconspicuously displayed sign on the wall stating said payment policy.

“Oh shoot, I will have to run to an ATM then, I only have a five on me,” Simon said.

“No worries, I have some money.”

I happily relinquished my $65 plus tip to pay the tab and we were on our way to indulge ourselves in some authentic Spanish cuisine.

After enjoying two hours worth of croquetas, Rioja and delightful conversation, it was time to bring the evening to a close.

The waitress dropped the $85 check at our table and and Simon reached for it immediately.

“How about we split this?” He suggested.

Dumbfounded, I agreed and handed over my plastic to pay for the majority of a date that Simon had invited me on.

Obviously, any further texts from Simon went ignored.

Weeks later I ran into him him at an industry happy hour and spent most of the evening hiding from him.



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