Jenny and I met at singles event sponsored by Match.com. Being the perpetual wallflower that I am I was pleasantly surprised to have Jenny approach my post near the bar allowing me to avoid imminent rejection from someone else I  considered soliciting.

One week later I invited Jenny to meet for a drink at a bar conveniently located near the building where she worked at 6:30 on a Tuesday night. She sent me a text to inform me that she would be running a few minutes late.

No big deal.

6:45 rolled around. Then seven.

I texted her back to inquire as to whether or not this night in particular was still conducive to her schedule. But really, I just didn’t want to sit around and wait for this chick much longer.

Ten minutes later she rushed in and took a seat next to me.

I greeted her and instead of showing any remorse whatsoever for her blatant lack of consideration for my time, she let it be known that it is impossible for her to stick to a schedule on account of her successful career.

“I know I was running late but it is just really hard for me to commit to a time because my schedule is just so busy with my career growing like crazy. Just to let you know, I am the epitome of a ‘Girl Boss’ and have a total ‘Boss Babe’ mentality, so my career always comes first.”

“OK…I wasn’t asking you to give up your career to meet me, I was just wondering if you were actually coming. You did say you would be a few minutes late, but it was pushing 45 minutes so I wasn’t sure if you bailed. Work is very important to everyone but it’s also nice to consider the fact that someone is waiting for you.”

“No I wasn’t bailing it’s just I am so focused on my career. I am an editor of a fashion blog and sometimes it is more demanding than just a simple 9-5 job. I am lasar focused on being successful and I feel the reason I am single is because most guys tend to feel threatened by my success. #girlboss problems, right?!”

I wanted to vomit.

Jenny and I both finished our first round of drinks and when she confidently suggested we have another I told her I had a ton of work to do myself.


I never planned on speaking to or hearing from Jenny again, but the next day I received this.


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