Bad, Bad Sugar Dad

Garrett and I had been chatting via Bumble for a few weeks, and though he lived in Los Angeles, he was often in NYC for business. Though I typically don’t entertain dating men that live so far away, I decided I had nothing to lose and only a delicious dinner to gain.

Garrett had a freshly bic’d head, and was in fantastic shape for any age let alone someone who was approaching 45.

He pulled out my chair, and after we settled into out table at a fancy cancan in the West Village he ordered a particularly expensive bottle of Rioja with some bacon wrapped dates to begin the meal.

As Garrett and I sipped on our Spanish vintages we discussed the work that his hedge fund was involved in as well as the charities they would contribute to. Considering I work in the non profit space I was especially interested in this sort of conversation.

After a main course of some diver scallops and a lamb shank accompanied by creamed spinach and sautéed baby carrots we discussed what out ideal living situation would be in 10 years being that both New York and LA were only getting more crowded and outrageously expensive.

“Well, my wife and I definitely want to stay out west,” he said as I choked on a carrot.

“Wife? You have a wife?”

“Yes I do. I’m sorry if that’s an issue. I am not just looking to sleep with you. I spend a lot of time out here and would like some companionship so I don’t get lonely. I also have unlimited spend on my company card, so I can take good care of you while I’m here.”

“This is an issue for me, actually. I’m looking for a partner not a sugar daddy. And I bet this would be an issue for your wife if she knew,” I assured him.

I finished my glass of wine and bundled myself in my parka.

“Hey, what I do is my business. My marriage isn’t your business. You can go now. There are plenty of women in this city that would appreciate my company.”

Well, good luck with that, boo!

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