An Emotional [Mother’s] Date

I met Justin at a singles bowling event in which my best friend basically dragged me by my hair to on a rainy evening when all I wanted was to be cuddled up on my couch binge watching Orange Is The New Black. Being the pushover that I am, off to Lucky Strike Lanes I went.

In walks Justin, a robustly bearded young gentleman with perfectly aligned pearly whites and notably masculine jawline. It wasn’t long until he was chatting me up about our affinity for traveling to exotic and unfamiliar places such as southeast Asia and our mutual obsession with Led Zeppelin.

By the end of the evening Justin and I had exchanged numbers, and I was moderately looking forward to getting drinks the following Sunday.

When the date approached I met Justin at a craft cocktail lounge on the Lower East Side and immediately I could sense that he had a rough day judging by the disparaging look spread across his otherwise handsome face.

“Are you alright?” I asked. “You seem a little bummed out.”

“Yeah. I’ll be OK,” he replied forlornly. “I just need some time.”

I assured him that if there was something he wanted to get off of his chest I would gladly be all ears but also wanted to tread lightly and avoid delving into an overly emotional topic given that it was our first date, and quite frankly, emotional situations make me uncomfortable.

After about 30 minutes of dealing with his unignorably somber demeanor I had to ask again.

“Are you sure you are OK? If you are having a bad day we can always reschedule. It is pretty clear you are un a terrible mood.”

“I apologize,” he said. “Today is always difficult for me because it is Mother’s Day and I lost my mom so it just always gets to me.”

“I am so sorry to hear that. Did she recently pass?” I asked.

“She died when I was seven, but it never gets any easier and it is especially difficult for me every Mother’s Day.”

Now, I clearly have the utmost sympathy for anyone who loses a parent at any time in their existence, but the man was 34 years old. One would think that enough time had passed where he could put his emotions aside for a first date or have the foresight to abstain from making plans on Mother’s Day if he knows it will be particularly troublesome for him to keep it together emotionally.

Justin then began to get teary eyed speaking about how growing up he and his dad were never able to see eye to eye and how he couldn’t wait to create his own family and make it absolutely perfect.

I wish Justin the best of luck but this was way too emotionally intense for a first date. 


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