Ale House, Fail House

I met Kevin on some site/app. They are all the same to me at this point, so it really doesn’t matter.  I saw no initial red flags so when invited me out for a cocktail so I was looking forward to making his acquaintance.

He asked me if there was any place in particular that I would like to go to which I replied, “I’m not picky, but I don’t drink beer.

Just a little trivia, according to the 2015 US Census poll, there are a total of 16,908 bars/restaurants on this little island we call Manhattan.  It should not be difficult to find a proper spot for a first date.

The morning of our get together, Kevin texts and informs me that he has chosen a charming little  pub called McSorley’s Old Ale House. I had heard of McSorley’s before but had never been. From my understanding, it was a total frat bar, but I am always up for a good dive. Also, despite it being labeled an ‘ale house,’ I assumed it would have options for the non beer-drinkers such as myself.

I arrived at the bar and after we sat down the bar tender approached us and asked “light or dark?”

Confused, I look at Kevin and awaited his reply. He chose dark and explained to me that there were only 2 choices on the menu. A light beer and a dark beer.

You had ONE job, Kevin.

“Oh, ok. I may just sit this round out. I really don’t like beer.”

“Yeah I remember you saying that, but I’ve always wanted to try this place. You said you’re not a beer drinker but I thought maybe it wasn’t your favorite but you would still have one if need be.”

“Well, with as many establishments that sell alcoholic beverages in this city, I don’t think I  need to drink beer.”

After he finished his drink, he asked me if I would like to go somewhere else. Though I was annoyed, I honestly had nothing better to do, so I agreed.

He said, “OK great! Let me just get one more beer here because it’s really cheap, then we can find a place to get you something.”

After he ordered his drink, I politely excused myself and bid him farewell.


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