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Dennis came into my life as a result of drunk Tinder swiping after a happy hour that went on for far longer than it should have.

Dennis was a slightly reserved yet intriguingly confident Google engineer with a pair of lustrously shiny black boots that were obviously more expensive than mine.

The red tape was severed rather quickly, and soon after chatting via text I found myself making my way to an upscale Irish pub to meet Dennis in the flesh.

Subsequent to our remarks of disbelief about the unseasonably cold spring we had been experiencing, we engaged in the ubiquitous conversation of what we do for a living.

After twenty minutes of illustrating his tedious day-to-day routine of crunching cloud-based algorithms…..or whatever the fuck he does, I briefly summarized the the riveting work I do as an internet marketer.

“I can tell you all about it when you have trouble sleeping one night,” I said facetiously,  not being one to talk too much about myself.

I then found myself being interrogated by Dennis as to why on Earth I would continue working in an industry that I lacked true passion for.

“I like my job a lot. I get to talk to people, I have a lot of freedom and it provides me a nice living in New York City, so I can’t complain one bit,” I explained.

“Yes but if you don’t absolutely LOVE something, why would you do it?” He asked, bewildered by the fact that someone would be so responsible to work in a respectably stable state of employment instead of running off to join the circus.

“I am also a professional singer, and I’m extremely passionate about that. I am in a wedding reception band as well as a 90s cover band. I get to do that most of my weekends. I feel very proud when a bride and a groom approaches me to tell me that my band made the most important night of their lives a great success. I also love 90s music and I love to see people singing along and having fun with me during our concerts.”

Dennis stared at me as if I were on methamphetamines.

“How old are you again? Thirty, right? So at what point are you too old to do silly stuff like this?” He asked dubiously.

“Oh, I don’t know. How about when I’m dead?” I replied.

“Full disclosure, I am looking for someone who is a bit more serious about starting a life and a family. Are you going to be caught up in this band stuff for a while then?”

Yes, Dennis. Yes.



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